Are you a musician? Are you a singer? OR are you a musician and a singer? You can be!!
Has anyone told you that you need to work on your singing? Worse, has anyone told you that you can’t (or shouldn’t) sing?!?
Has your voice left you feeling less than or inadequate on stage?

Have you turned down a gig because it might require you to feature your singing?

Have you “run out of voice” in the middle of a gig?

Maybe it’s time for you to explore your voice and reveal your “hidden” voice. Here’s the truth: The human body was designed for sound. Our brain is literally hard-wired for pitch and rhythm.

Has anyone in your life, be it a doctor, a voice teacher, a physical therapist or a coach ever looked, like REALLY looked and seen all of you? Seen you as one gorgeous whole where every part depends on another?
And, after they were done looking, have they helped you to feel hopeful about what’s ahead and not just more broken and in need of fixing?

I have spent years teaching musicians the skills to sing and to trust their voice. I have been teaching private voice lessons since 1993.

I hang out with the “cool kids” at voice conferences and commercial music is where it’s at! I’m constantly learning and networking with other voice professionals so I can bring updated information to each and every lesson. (What’s commercial music? Rock, pop, folk, jazz, even music theater – sometimes called amplified music. If it’s meant to be sung with some type of microphone, that’s what Velarde Voice specializes in.)
I have taught singers who had been told never to sing to make sound with confidence, pitch, and communication.

I have helped talented working singers more efficient and effective techniques which freed up their artistry in ways never before available.

I am passionate that singing is a fundamental human right and that everybody can sing. They should be able to trust their voice and the sounds that come out to be what was intended.

How do we get there?
First and foremost, this is a partnership. You need to work. Singing is an athletic skill that requires practice and attention. Even five minutes daily will get you further than one 2-hour block weekly. My job, always, is to find a way to give you individualized information so that it “clicks” in your brain so you can make the sounds you want, when you want them. No cookie-cutters at Velarde Voice (although cookies are good!).
We’ll work together to figure out your vocal goals and find a plan of action. Your voice and your goals are most important. You will be challenged with honesty and support. You will be encouraged and given the tools to succeed. You will find that your voice can be everything you want it to be.

Trust your vocal sound.
Play with communication.
Sing to your maximum potential.
Reveal Your Hidden Voice.