‚ÄčVelarde Voice Studio Policies

  1. You must attend your lessons regularly.  The 24 hours cancellation policy is strictly enforced.  You will have one (1) excused absence per month, after the schedule has been agreed upon.  You are financially responsible for all other scheduled lessons, with or without a completed make-up lesson.
  2. Email to rachel@velardevoice.com or cancellation through www.velardevoice.com are the most reliable ways to give advance notice.  You may also call or text (480) 331-7390 for cancellations.  If Rachel does not respond to your message, the lesson IS NOT considered to be cancelled.
  3. I communicate mostly via email.  Please check your email regularly for updated studio information and lesson notes from each lesson. Please join the Velarde Voice Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/velardevoice.
  4. To obtain a make-up lesson, you must cancel 24-hours in advance of the schedule lesson, with acknowledgement from Rachel.  Arrive at your lesson on time (notify Rachel if you will be more than 5 minutes late); it is your paid time.  If you are more than 15-minutes late, the lesson is counted as a late cancellation with no make-up lesson given. 
Lesson fees:             $85/50-minutes 
  1. Payment is due in full at the LAST lesson of each month for the next month.  If payment is not received by 2nd lesson of the month, a $35 surcharge will be added to the current month’s invoice, payable immediately.  Rachel will be as flexible as possible for those with special financial needs or concerns when communicated ahead of accrual of charges.  Automatic invoicing occurs via the Studio Website occurs 10 days before the end of each month – if you have any questions about the invoice, please contact Rachel immediately.  Payments accepted is via the PayPal link in the Studio Invoice, cash, or check made out to Velarde Voice, LLC. 
  2. Cancellation of study in the studio requires a 4 lesson notice.  Payment for and/or completion of 4 lessons must be made after notification of intent to quit has been made. 
  3. Rachel will require the purchase of music that will be beneficial to your study.  Bring ALL current music with you to each lesson and be prepared. 
  4. PRACTICE.  Bring an SDHC Camera Memory Card (16GB minimum – to be dedicated for voice lessons) to each lesson. We will record vocalises, music and monitor your progress by creating a new video file at each lesson; save each lesson to your computer each time and delete the file from the memory card so it is free for use at your lesson.  Listening to and watching yourself on video is extremely valuable in bringing greater understanding of your voice and in making vocal progress.  
  5. After all these “rules,” (this is my business as well as my avocation) we are here to learn better vocal technique and to HAVE FUN! If singing is not enjoyable, the voice will not work correctly, no matter how hard you try.  So, relax, have fun, and make music.  I look forward to working with you!!  Happy Singing.
 Velarde Voice, LLC 01/01/2018